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International Students

Comprehensive+ Plan
Daily Rate Included in school fees
Yearly Rate Included in school fees
Minimum Policy Premium Included in school fees
Maximum Sum Insured $5,000,000
Physician and Hospital Fees Included
Ambulance Ground: $10,000, Taxi: $125, Air: $300,000
Prescription Drugs Up to a 60-day supply
Other Professional Services Up to $1,000 per practitioner for licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, naturopath, osteopath, podiatrist, acupuncture, speech therapist, and massage therapist
Maternity Up to $25,000, including childbirth; the pregnancy must commence during the term of insurance (benefit provided only when coverage has been in force for the entire term of the pregnancy).
1 General Checkup - Applicable to annual plans One annual medical examination per year
1 Eye Exam - Applicable to annual plans Included up to $100
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage Subject to stability period of 90 days prior to effective date